What is Zapier SMS?


Today, your business uses different systems for different tasks. Everything from sending marketing emails to running a customer helpdesk is managed with complex software; whether it’s relying

on a sophisticated CRM system to track every customer interaction or a simple spreadsheet where you manually update rows of customer information to keep your records up to date.

The challenge comes in trying to get these systems to connect and talk to each other. But not anymore.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is an online tool that helps you create simple software integrations with just a few clicks.

There are over 500 applications currently available via Zapier and users can connect any of them to their Messenger account quickly and easily.

Why integrate Messenger with Zapier?

Zapier has been designed for use by non-developers;  its self-serve portal includes a step-by-step guide to creating templated integrations with the most popular applications. Zapier makes it easy to integrate a variety of software systems, quickly delivering many benefits:


When software systems are integrated, it’s much easier for users to work with them. There is no need to learn how to use a separate system, or log in to a different account to perform a new task. This means users are able to work within their familiar application of choice, making their task much simpler.

Zapier is also simple to use. You don’t need to be a developer or know how each application works to connect them. Simply follow the on-screen prompts and your integrations will be up and running in just a few minutes.


Automating tasks between applications can deliver big productivity gains. Users no longer need to duplicate routine tasks, such as data entry, as these streamlined processes now run automatically in the background – saving a lot of time and effort.

Integrations can be set up in minutes, by non-technical staff, so you don’t need to worry about complex and time consuming development schedules, or outsourced resources to create the integrations you need.

Keep your IT specialists focussed on supporting business growth and processes. Zapier works in the background so teams are more productive without even knowing it.


Integrated software systems provide consistent information across applications. This helps avoid duplication, reduce errors and gives  better  insight into your company data. Zapier’s step-by-step process delivers a consistent experience, so you follow the same simple process for each integration – every time.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), The success key of a website

SEO or Search Engine optimisation is the set of rules used by website owners or developers to optimise their websites for search engine and improve their visibility as well as search engine rankings. In simple words SEO can be defined as the one and only option to bring your website first in the search engines like google, yahoo, Bing etc. while someone search for the subject of your website contents .

When we ask the question whether SEO is mandatory or not, it’s a simple answer. If you are not expecting visibility for your website, if you are not trying to create a brand name in online space and if you are ok with structural errors in the site and if you are not interested to provide an optimal research result  for your customer then definitely  SEO is not mandatory for your website. Now you may be wondering that you haven’t done any additional payment for SEO but still you have user visits. Then definitely you need to thank your developer, he would have done the basic SEO for you while he was developing your website. But this won’t sustain for a long time. As competition is increasing in all verticals its better do your best to make sure you maintain the same visibility or get more search results. Lets have a look into the advantages of doing SEO.

  1. Optimal Insights into your customers – Increased traffic.

With the latest available analytics and reporting tools you could actually see the new or unique users visiting your website. And not just the website, you could actually figure out which page of your website is visited the maximum time and how much time each user has spent on each page from which part of the globe. This will help you to optimise your website and as a result it will give more insights to your customer which eventually leads to more traffic.

  1. Brand Promotion and Awareness

You would have spent millions for news paper ad or tv ads. But with the changing atmosphere, we have to maintain our brand presence in online medium too. By doing SEO you could actually figure out how your brand is associated with. This also helps you to understand the perception of customers about your brand. People always believe what they see in the  google is the truth. If your brand is coming first in the  search result, then it will build a perception about your brand. No other mode of ad can give you this mileage as everyone can pay money and put an ad.

  1. Better user experience.

Give the user what they want and don’t make the user to keep searching your page. Even though this is the key objective of any website, many of them fail to implement this. This is where your websites fail to satisfy your customer. A good SEO expert will be able to figure out which keyword has to be used where and how many times. Once a user is happy with the service and get the desired result, he will always opt you over any other search results.

  1. Nothing better than pure organic growth

You can get as many clicks and views on your page by doing paid ads and PPC. But for how long. The moment you stop paying for these clicks you won’t get any more visitors. This is the area where SEO completely stands out. Once you are do a proper SEO and structure your website, your unique visitors numbers will keep increasing. The more time you spend on keeping your website error free and user friendly you will have more visitors. SEO will help you to get visitors by organic growth.

  1. It’s a long term strategy and better ROI

Even though you can see increased traffic to your website after starting the SEO, its not just a short term affair. SEO should always be a long term strategy. You should be able to figure out your future plan and do the optimisation accordingly. You may have to pay very high for few ad words and that too for a short period. But while you doing the SEO using the same keywords it will help you to give a long term position in the search engine and its 10 times cheaper than other mode of online advertisement. If you are looking for a long term strategy and presence in the web space then you should prioritise SEO over any other mode of online advertising.

In short, SEO is not just icing on the cake. It’s the most important element of your business

Why You Should Collect Payments Online

It is no new news that serious businesses are rapidly accelerating by strongly making their presence felt online. The world is moving online. If you own an offline business and are still contemplating on adding the “www” to your business,  it’s time to consider a good read below.

Benefits of Online Selling

If you want to scale up your business and give your customers the best benefit then its best to move in the direction of your customer: Online. The benefits of selling products and services online include:

  • Higher Reach: Building a successful online business means you are reaching out to a wide variety and number of audiences. It has a higher potential of increasing sales.
  • Easy Analysis: By hosting an online store, you are eligible to analyze data and gain insights: which type of people are visiting your site, for how long are they surfing, at which phase do they step back (payment, quality, product selection, etc..), how much are your average daily transactions and so on.
  • Multiple Accessibility: You as an merchant and customers can access your site or account from any device –  desktop, mobile, tablet, iPad.
  • Spend Less: It is an economical way than a physical store. You save on a space, electricity and other bills, human resources and other sundry budgets.

Important Website Settings

The four important settings you would need to consider while setting up your website are:

  • Domain Registration & Web Hosting: Selecting a memorable and apt domain name is important so that it becomes easy for your customers to remember your brand easily. Web hosting is basically selecting the best server to host your site.
  • Website: A website is the face of your business. Website template, look and feel needs to simple, user friendly and refreshing. This will also help to keep customers frequenting your website often.
  • Shopping Cart: Imbibing a prompt and reliable shopping carts is essential for smooth product deliveries.
  • Payment Gateway: A payment gateway(PG) is like a bridge between you and your customer, and it pops into the picture after the customer hits “Pay now” or “buy now”. Get well versed with how to select the best payment gateway for your website for easy and faster transaction process.
Is the websites still a dream for your Business?

I was talking to my dad last week and shocked to understand that he spends more than 3 hours in a day in facebook. Couple of years back when I bought a smartphone for him he doesn’t have an idea how to use it. He was wondering about touch screens and had never thought that a phone can be operated without a keypad. Today he depends his phone for ordering vegetables, booking tickets, travelling and even for verifying the credibility of any product or business

Social Media Analytics for Your Online Business

The best and highest ranked Indian social media campaign list is definitely incomplete without Narendra Modi’s election campaign in 2014. He was surrounded by over 120 lakh community members on Facebook and over 3.5 million followers on Twitter.  These breakthrough social media analytics point to the fact that, the power of social media is beyond imaginable!  

There are many organizations, businesses and services who have gained tremendous recognition and empowerment due to social media. For example, Lifebuoy’s “help a child reach 5” campaign on social media has created a huge noise and captured attention of millions to the cause of extending a village child’s life beyond 5 years. 

Social media is not all about posting, circulating and consuming news or current trends across the world. Analyzing your content and audience plays an equally important role in optimizing your core objective (create awareness, get more followers or likes, double your charity, get more clients, create a viral circuit of your videos or images and so on). 

Here are some interesting social media statistics and reasons why to believe and breathe social media today.


To begin with let’s deep dive into the main components of social media analytics that you should be aware about: 


Remember the time when Facebook was unveiled and all that mattered on your profile was: 

  1. Number of likes on your pictures 
  2. The exhaustive “friends” list? 

Gathering fans and followers for your business is first step towards forming your tribe. Once people have taken this first step, you will get a better learning about them and this help you to tune your posts or engagements and communication towards them more finely. While the number of followers and likers is an important metric to count on, it is only the first step.  

Just knowing the people is incomplete without being aware of where they come from and who are they. Location and demographics also play a vital role in determining your reach. Considering the above use case of Mr. Modi in mind, he did use social media as an effective tool to reach out to the youth in the metros extensively. But, to penetrate deeper into the country he personally visited a few places like Varanasi to reach out to the people there.   


Engagement is about how well you have retained your followers or likers. It includes: 

  1. Likes/Hearts/Favorites 
  3. Tags 

Engagement basically refers to the exact number of people who have accepted and are in agreement with your content. Many a times it so happens that, you might receive 100’s of likes within just minutes of publishing a post whereas some other posts many not even be looked at. Keep a constant tab on the content and reaction pattern is a must.  


Amplification is nothing but the virality of your social media content. This includes the number of retweets and shares. This metric indicates the number of people who got your message and by sharing your content they are just drilling their engagement with your business deeper.  


Last but not the least, after reaching out to your relevant audience, engaging with them appropriately and getting them to share your content, the number of people who actually bought your service or product. Conversion rate is more or less related to engagement wherein your audience have absorbed the content you have put up on social media channels.  

Top Tools for Social Media Analytics:

To ease out the entire process of analyzing your social media profile, here are some great tools to look out for: 

  1. HootSuite 
  2. Sprout Social 
  3. Tweet Deck 
  4. Crowd Booster 
  5. Social Flow 

These tools are developed not only to track your social media presence, but also to help you create, schedule and distribute your content on various channels. View their official sites for more details.   

Social media is all about establishing a good virtual connect with your well-wishers, social media analytics help you figure out the success rate of that agenda. For more information on scaling your online business stay tuned to Al mazrouei Software Solutions Pvt.Ltd

In a time when Apps are everywhere… What’s next for Websites?

When it’s time comes… An ‘App’ pushing for a ‘Site’, how will be the ‘Website’ striking back?

Yes, it’s true that ‘Applications are making some noise’; but can it take on the ‘mighty website advantages’ in the long road???

Be it offices, hospitals, malls or just homes, computers are everywhere! The domination they have over human beings ability, reasoning and contribution is quite scary as well. They help us with calculations, storing data, staying organized and also entertain and inform us. Computers add speed and accuracy in various methods and so, they help us save time and money too! Computers have made important contributions in various fields including science, technology, education, society and many more!

Such is the case today, where everything is online and so are we, by some means. The most famous names in the tech world, for its Effiency, the influence on our day to day life, and also faces some harsh criticism over its heavy usage, names such as Facebook, YouTube and many others are well known even among remote village residents, and that’s the change the personal computer started with, and what smart phones revolutionalised later!!!

Conflicts of supremacies have always made information technology interesting!!! Be it a Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs debate, or the mighty Windows taking on Linux, Intel’s clear upper hand on Atom, and so like over these years. And the most relevant and intense battle in recent times is when Applications started to question the domination of Websites in World Wide Web!!!

On a short note, websites was revolutionary when they started out. It gave everyone the chance of making to more number of peoples, and the revolution of personal computers make sure of it. Whether its business, education, science, or whatever, everyone was benefited. And to go with, things became easier with time, when government procedures are computerised for an example. Reduction in the physical struggles was the main advantage, and online facilities had such advantage over its former form.

It was on the well constructed road in the middle of forest where Applications took the charge, where websites had done all the hard work. Applications was one of the nicest of things to happen, considering everyone doesn’t have a computer, but do have a Smartphone, but at the reduction of performance and authority was the service, but reached further hands was the advantage.

Advantages of websites don’t make applications look bad, but it can’t be ignored. Such as more content, security, links availability, etc have such a more elaborated work space and access, will be a mandatory for some of your requirements, and thus pronouncing applications will come short in some cases.

For a better understanding, take up Facebook experience in its application and website as an example, which will be different, entirely different indeed, but will have an almost same experience and satisfaction in comparison, but reduces your authority and advantage, and that’s sums up it all over the advantages and disadvantages of an website over an application, and the personal experience on offer.

And to make it up things easier, if you are an Indian, and so do you are a cricket fan, you can see a Kohli coming up the ranks as a reliable batsman with unbelievable consistency. And as expected, some are comparing him with the Mighty Sachin with statistics; and that’s where a true cricket fan at heart, and seen Sachin batting at his best, you will be not be taking part in any conversations where Kohli supporters taking a toll, you know it by heart and have an answer, who made cricket a household name and these popular even with cricket haters, you just look at them, and will be smiling, statistics will turn to just mere numbers, even how staggering it can be!!!

It was cricket and cricket fans who are benefited, and that’s the beauty of this gentleman’s game and for its development in India, where one is taking the tradition further when former’s time comes. Website had its time, so do will Applications. When website made it exclusive, applications made it even to the impossible hands at ease, and these advancements are at the good for people, and only increase your options but not eliminate another, but choosing at your interests and needs is now a big task. And if you can take it up, and can make sure of the required action, you only the beneficent as with  every advancement in everywhere in this world.