Bulk SMS Marketing Across The UAE

As a business, the key to ensure sales and increased profits lies in advertising your products and services in an effective manner. As one of the leading SMS marketing companies in Dubai, We are proud to offer campaigns that start as low as 0.055 AED per text message. With our low cost solutions, we allow our clients to gain direct access to our database that consists of a huge number of potential customers across the UAE.

Al Mazrouei Solutions is the SMS marketing company in Dubai, Offering services to all other emirates in UAE, We can empower your business to reinforce your brand and market presence using the extensive reach and influence of SMS advertising and marketing in UAE.

We Deliver The Best Solutions For SMS advertising in Dubai

With the solutions offered by us at Al Mazrouei Solutions, you can easily connect your brand with thousands of potential customers and broadcast your message in a timely and efficient manner. Text message based advertising campaigns are non-invasive and we are here to assist you in transmitting real-time messages, even through binary data, including ring tones, images and so much more.

Benefits of Using our innovative Bulk SMS Service in Dubai & the UAE

  • Directly connect with thousands of potential customers
  • Broadcast your message to anyone, anywhere and anytime
  • Send real-time, updated messages
  • Get through mobile phones even when offline
  • Supported by all GSM handsets
  • Non-invasive
  • Viral by nature
  • Can transmit binary data including images, ring tones and more
  • Quick, easy and low cost method for realising various objectives
  • SMS marketing targeted straight to consumers in Dubai and UAE
  • SMSs in bulk delivers instantly by our online system
  • High readability, Text messages provide you with utmost readability. It has been found in a recent survey that people have the tendency to immediately read the messages. As a matter of fact, 97% of the messages that you send to your clients are instantly read.
  • Since text messages provide you with high readability, the conversion rate is also higher. Whatever offers you may offer through your SMS, it sees the higher conversion. So, if you are using the SMS marketing, then you can ensure proper business growth.

Send SMS with business applications or software

You can select from a range of integration services, from quick, application connections through Zapier, through to bespoke platform integrations. We’ve also made our API free of charge for developers to connect to. Which ever integration option you choose, you can streamline how you use our online platform, saving you time and simplifying your SMS activities.


Our API is freely available and has been recommended by customers for its ease of use and flexibility. Comprehensive API documentation is provided and our technical team are on hand to provide support where needed. Easily send or receive a SMS message using our API today.

Integration using Zapier

Zapier is an online tool that helps you create simple software integrations with over 500 popular applications in just a few clicks. Zapier is designed for non-developers; it’s a self-serve portal that guides users through creating templated integrations in a few simple steps. Textlocal can connect to over 500 apps using Zapier.


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