It is no new news that serious businesses are rapidly accelerating by strongly making their presence felt online. The world is moving online. If you own an offline business and are still contemplating on adding the “www” to your business,  it’s time to consider a good read below.

Benefits of Online Selling

If you want to scale up your business and give your customers the best benefit then its best to move in the direction of your customer: Online. The benefits of selling products and services online include:

  • Higher Reach: Building a successful online business means you are reaching out to a wide variety and number of audiences. It has a higher potential of increasing sales.
  • Easy Analysis: By hosting an online store, you are eligible to analyze data and gain insights: which type of people are visiting your site, for how long are they surfing, at which phase do they step back (payment, quality, product selection, etc..), how much are your average daily transactions and so on.
  • Multiple Accessibility: You as an merchant and customers can access your site or account from any device –  desktop, mobile, tablet, iPad.
  • Spend Less: It is an economical way than a physical store. You save on a space, electricity and other bills, human resources and other sundry budgets.

Important Website Settings

The four important settings you would need to consider while setting up your website are:

  • Domain Registration & Web Hosting: Selecting a memorable and apt domain name is important so that it becomes easy for your customers to remember your brand easily. Web hosting is basically selecting the best server to host your site.
  • Website: A website is the face of your business. Website template, look and feel needs to simple, user friendly and refreshing. This will also help to keep customers frequenting your website often.
  • Shopping Cart: Imbibing a prompt and reliable shopping carts is essential for smooth product deliveries.
  • Payment Gateway: A payment gateway(PG) is like a bridge between you and your customer, and it pops into the picture after the customer hits “Pay now” or “buy now”. Get well versed with how to select the best payment gateway for your website for easy and faster transaction process.